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Football enthusiasts around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of FIFA 24 Apk Obb Dta, the latest installment in the popular FIFA series. This highly anticipated game promises to deliver an immersive and realistic football experience, with updated player transfers, improved graphics, and exciting gameplay. In this article, we will explore the key features of fifa 24 Apk, how to download and install it, and what sets it apart from its predecessors.

An Overview of FIFA 24 MOBILE

FIFA 24 Mobile is the latest version of the popular football gaming app that has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. This remastered version of the game offers a large number of new and exciting features that take the gameplay to a whole new level. With improved graphics, realistic player movements, and updated team kits, FIFA 24 Apk delivers an unparalleled football experience on mobile devices.

Features of FIFA 24 Apk Obb Data

Updated Player Transfers: FIFA 24 Mod brings you the latest player transfers from all the major leagues in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. Stay up to date with the ever-changing football landscape as you navigate through the game.

Improved Graphics: Experience stunning visuals and high-definition graphics that bring the game to life. From the detailed player faces to the realistic stadiums, FIFA 24 mobile immerses you in the world of football like never before.

Various Game Modes: Whether you prefer single-player mode, multiplayer mode, career mode, league matches, or quick matches, FIFA 24 Apk + OBB Data has it all. Choose your preferred game mode and compete against the best teams in the world.

Manager Mode: Take charge of your favorite team as a manager and make strategic decisions to lead your team to victory. Sign new players, train your squad, and guide them to success in various competitions.

Offline Gameplay: Enjoy FIFA 24 Mod apk even without an internet connection. Play matches, build your dream team, and experience the thrill of football anytime, anywhere.

Customization Options: Personalize your gaming experience by customizing team kits, logos, and stadiums. Make your team stand out on the field with unique colors and designs.

Realistic Commentary: Listen to crystal clear commentary as you play through matches. The commentary adds an extra layer of immersion to the game, making you feel like you’re watching a real football match.

How to Download FIFA 24 Apk Obb Data

To download and install fifa A 24 Apk Obb Data, follow these steps:

  •  Download: Click on the download link provided and wait for the apk file to download
  • Extract the FIFA 24 Apk Data files using the Zarchiver app
  • Extract the downloaded FIFA 24 files.
  • Do not open the game yet.
  • Move the FIFA 24 DATA file to the Android/Data folder on your device.
  • Move the FIFA 24 OBB file to the Android/Obb folder.
  • Click on the file and start installing FIFA 24 APK
  •     Once the files are in the correct folders, you can start playing FIFA 24 APK Obb Data on your Android device.

Data File FC 24 

 Data FIFA 24 Mod 14 Rar (537 MB)

Obb File 

 Obb FIFA 2024 Mod 14 Rar (750 MB)

Apk App 

 FIFA 2024 Mod FC 24 Apk (45 MB)

Gameplay Style in FIFA 24 APK

fifa 24 delivers a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience that faithfully replicates real-world soccer action. The game is dedicated to providing an authentic football experience on mobile devices. Let’s explore some key elements of this gameplay style:

Realistic Controls

FIFA 24 mobile features intuitive touch controls that allow players to pass, shoot, dribble, and defend with precision. Swipe and tap gestures are used to navigate the pitch, making it accessible for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Authentic Animations

The game boasts lifelike player animations and movements. From the way players run to their reactions on the field, the attention to detail is impressive, enhancing the immersion of the gameplay experience.

Tactical Depth

To succeed in matches, players must employ strategic thinking. They can change formations, and tactics, and make substitutions to adapt to their opponent’s style and exploit weaknesses. Tactical decisions play a crucial role in determining the outcome of matches.

Ultimate Team Management

In the Ultimate Team mode, players can build their dream squad by collecting player cards. Managing the team includes choosing the right lineup, making transfers, and customizing the team’s chemistry for optimal performance.

Live Events and Tournaments

FIFA 24 keeps things fresh with live events and tournaments that align with real-world football fixtures. These events offer unique challenges and opportunities for players to earn rewards and new player cards.

Career Mode

Players can take on the role of a manager in the Career Mode, where they handle various aspects of club management, from transfers to training and matchday decisions. The Career Mode offers a comprehensive managerial experience, allowing players to shape the destiny of their team.

Skill Games

The game includes a variety of skill games designed to improve players’ soccer skills. These mini-games focus on different aspects of the game, such as shooting accuracy, dribbling, and free-kick taking. Mastering these skills is crucial for success in other game modes.

Stadium Atmosphere

FIFA 24 captures the essence of a live football match with detailed stadiums, crowd chants, and commentary that adds to the immersive experience. The stadium atmosphere enhances the overall gameplay experience, making players feel like they are in the midst of a real football game.

Regular Updates

The game receives periodic updates to reflect real-world events, transfers, and gameplay enhancements. These updates ensure that players always have fresh content to enjoy and keep the gameplay experience up to date.

Overall, FIFA 24 Mobile gameplay style aims to replicate the excitement, strategy, and realism of real football, making it a go-to choice for football fans who want to enjoy the sport on their mobile devices.

Game Modes in FIFA 24 Apk Obb Data

FIFA 24 Apk +Obb Data offers a diverse range of game modes to cater to various preferences and playing styles. These modes ensure that players have plenty of options to enjoy their football gaming experience. Let’s explore the main game modes:

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is a fan-favorite mode where players can build their dream squad by acquiring player cards. Collect and trade players to create a team with high chemistry. Participate in various challenges and competitions to earn rewards and improve your lineup.

Career Mode

In Career Mode, players step into the shoes of a manager. They are responsible for every aspect of their club, from transfers and training to tactical decisions during matches. Lead the team to success in league competitions and cup tournaments.

Head-to-Head Matches

Test your skills against real opponents in head-to-head matches. Challenge friends or random players in real-time battles to climb the rankings and prove your prowess on the pitch.

Events and Tournaments

The game regularly hosts live events and tournaments that align with real-world football fixtures. Participate to earn unique rewards and compete against other players.

Skill Games

Sharpen your football skills in skill games. These mini-games focus on various aspects of the sport, such as dribbling, shooting accuracy, and free-kick taking. Mastering these skills is crucial for success in other game modes.


Engage in single-player campaigns that follow exciting storylines. Complete challenges and objectives to progress through these campaigns and earn valuable rewards.

Legacy Team

The Legacy Team mode allows players to use their previously assembled squads from previous FIFA Mobile seasons in special matches. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane for long-time players.

Squad Building Challenges

Test your squad-building skills by completing challenges that require you to meet specific criteria. Successfully completing challenges often results in unique player cards or other rewards.

Online Leagues

Join or create online leagues with friends or fellow players. Compete against each other in league competitions, climb the rankings, and earn bragging rights.

Friendly Matches

Arrange friendly matches with your friends or league members to enjoy a relaxed and social gaming experience.

The wide array of game modes in FIFA 24 guarantees that it appeals to a broad spectrum of player preferences. Whether you relish club management, competitive challenges, or honing your football skills, there’s a mode tailored to your preferences waiting for you to explore and savor.

FIFA 24 APK offers an unparalleled football gaming experience on mobile devices. With its realistic gameplay, extensive team rosters, and a wide range of game modes, FIFA 24 mobile caters to both football enthusiasts and gaming aficionados. Whether you enjoy building your dream team, competing in online tournaments, or refining your skills through skill games, FIFA 24 APK Obb Data has something for everyone. Download the game, build your squad, and embark on an immersive journey into the world of football gaming.